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The VAULT Health Plan

VAULTsm is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary and integrated health care strategy designed to reverse the tide of rising health care costs for employees and Employers.

By understanding insurance companies and how they price risks, the innovative design of The VAULT Plansm provides employees more comprehensive benefits, with less out-of-pocket risk while reducing costs by 15-40% for both Employers and employees.

VAULTsm utilizes IBG's proprietary design and funding model which reduces future year rate increases- thus providing improved rate stability and predictability year after year.  The VAULT Plansm incorporates a specially structured fully insured major medical insurance policy with additional insurance from a second insurance company to insure the employees' deductibles and co-insurance.  This comprehensive plan also provides -

  • Health, Wellness and  Prevention Program
  • Health Assessment Report
  • Disease & Chronic Condition Management
  • Smartphone Accessibility & Monitoring
  • 24 Hour Telephone Access to Physicians and Nurses
  • Annual Biometric Blood Test
  • Personalized 30+ page Health Plan
  • Online Medical Record Storage
  • Medical Service/Bill Negotiation Service