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Wealth Management

A successful life is about finding the balance that works for you. So it is with wealth management.

Asset Management

For 26 years we have been building and managing successful balanced portfolios for business owners, executives, foundations, and families.

At the heart of every balanced portfolio is an investor profile which informs us of your basic risk and reward characteristics. This may be supplemented with other tools, like the Money IQ profile, or the Financial DNA profile. Remember the Oracle at Delphi's instruction: "Know Thyself."

Historically portfolios were considered balanced if they held an allocation in both stocks and bonds, the former for growth the latter for income and stability. Modern Portfolio Theory posits an efficient frontier for investing allocations where various asset classes are blended to maximize return for a risk level assumption.

Current post-modern portfolio theory takes into consideration the fact that asset classes do not always behave according to history, and therefore returns are not symmetrically distributed - the markets can be irrational!

We take into consideration the madness of markets and look to build portfolios that are designed to hold up over time by using growth investments (stocks or equities,) income investments (bonds or cash,) and non-correlated investments (alternative classes that do not move in direct relation to the other two markets, e.g., currencies and commodities.)

  We also chose from a long list of institutional money management firms who have the size and strength to provide superior performance in all market conditions. Our affiliation with LPL Financial LLC, the largest independent broker/dealer in the U.S.A.* makes these managers available to our clientele at a fraction of their typical asset minimums. (Asset management services offered through LPL Financial.)

 *As reported in Financial Planning Magazine, June 1996-2012 based on total revenues

Wealth Management

There is more to money than meets the eye. Our wealth management service incorporates financial planning, estate planning, retirement income planning, as well as financial advice in areas like mortgages and banking. Our years of experience in navigating the often difficult financial markets and in helping families reach their goals provides us with a perspective not often found in financial advisers. Spreadsheets and mean variance deviation analysis won't solve the problems of an elderly family member lost in a sea of confusing statements or a help a business owner who needs to find a way to put more aside for his retirement while caring for that elderly parent or new grandchild.

It is the human side of money where the "rubber meets the road." Let us help you to create unique strategies that seek to:

  • build your wealth with market savvy management
  • generate an income stream that addresses your periodic income needs
  • provide a plan for a special needs child
  • protect your assets from death and disability
  • protect your assets from creditors
  • plan for retirement
  • save on taxes
  • take advantage of our access to a universe of many different types of savings vehicles
  • provide a compliant, robust, and user-friendly health care program for you and your employees for less than you're spending now
  • set aside savings in tax protected accounts and still get excellent long term care coverage and access to your money

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